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Need a WA Metal Recycling Company? These Professionals Can Help

In WA, metal recycling serves several useful purposes. First, it’s beneficial from an environmental standpoint. After all, who wants scrap metal sitting around in piles that keep becoming larger as more waste material is pitched into them? That’s no way ...read more.

Importance of Recycling Car Batteries in Morley

Auto batteries contain many components that can be hazardous to people and the environment but can be recycled. If you have old car batteries in Morley, United Metal Recyclers will pay you cash for them so they can be recycled and disposed of ...read more.

Let Us Handle the Lead in Your Car Battery in Ashfield

Lead is a toxic metal found in your car battery in Ashfield, but United Metal Recyclers will buy your battery so the lead can be safely recaptured and recycled. Many homeowners understand the hazards of lead in old paint and spend thousands of ...read more.

Sell Your Car for Parts in Perth

Don’t let that old junk car sit in your yard to collect rust when you can sell your car for parts in Perth. United Metal Recyclers will buy your old car so it can be repurposed and recycled. Old vehicles contain components which are ideal for reuse ...read more.

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