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Importance of Recycling Car Batteries in Morley

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Auto batteries contain many components that can be hazardous to people and the environment but can be recycled. If you have old car batteries in Morley, United Metal Recyclers will pay you cash for them so they can be recycled and disposed of safely.

A battery converts chemical energy into electrical energy, and one component it uses is sulfuric acid. Sulfuric acid is exceptionally corrosive so be sure not to open the cells. Even though it must be handled with care, the sulfuric acid in your old car batteries in Morley can be cleaned and reused in other batteries or other applications.

Car batteries also have several kilograms of lead which is a toxic metal that has detrimental effects on health. Most people understand the consequences of having trace amounts of lead in paint or water, so it is understandable how vital it is to retrieve the lead in batteries.

The last major component of car batteries is the plastic casing. The sulfuric acid and lead in batteries could find their way into new batteries but the plastic probably will not. It will have to undergo a complete overhaul through the recycling process which makes it safe despite the hazardous materials it once contained.

Whether you want to recycle your car batteries in Morley because of environmental consciousness or if you want some cash for your junk, United Metal Recyclers can help. We are the first step in giving the components in your battery a new life.

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